TB Swingarm Plus 3″ – Z50 K3-78 & Z50R 79-99 [TBW1253]


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TB Swingarm, Plus 3″ – Z50 K3-78 & Z50R 79-99


TBparts.com has an updated version of the popular Plus 3″ extended aluminum swingarm kit for the Z50 K3-78 and all Z50R models.


TB decided it was time for an update and this new one is exceptional! Here are the new key features of this version:


  • Uses solid billet aluminum sections for increased strength
  • The billet center section is no longer welded on. Its notched into the billet side sections and then bolted on for increased strength (was previously a hollow section and welded on)
  • The shock mounts have been redesigned for increased strength
  • The chain slider is easily removed and replaced with two screws (was previously riveted on)
  • Its 9 5/8 inches from the cross member to the centerline of the axle when adjusted all the way back.  This clearance allows you to run the most aggressive knobby tires.

Its a very high quality aluminum swingarm that increases strength and improves handling on the Z50. The old version was used on our Vegas Mini Moto winning Z50s (as well as in many other races) and this new version is even better suited for racing or backyard fun. Unlike many other similar looking Z50 swing arms on the market this one uses solid billet aluminum sections, the pivots use bearings instead of the stock type rubber bushings, and it was purposely designed for adult abuse. Please compare closely to the competitors. These are definitely not the cheaper poor quality aluminum Chinese $75.99 ebay specials you see around that will snap after a couple jumps.


With this swingarm, we recommend the following:


  • 330mm long rear shocks.  We have several types available in this section
  • Aftermarket taller front end like our triple clamp kit that uses KLX110 type forks.  If using the stock length front forks, its probably best to go with our Plus 1.5″ swingarm
  • The swingarm itself is a bolt on kit, however, a roller (not included) is recommend – there is a perfect spot on the Z50 frames to bolt or weld on a roller.



Product Code: TBW1253

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